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We are revolutionising search!


We offer advice to businesses in the UK on Digital Marketing, website health checks, link repair (do you really need it) and SEO. Ask me its Free! is Anthony Johnson's (CIM) latest slogan, his goal is to help keep business in the UK.


We have over 12 years Digital Marketing knowledge on Strategies, Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media Marketing and Website creation, you name it we have done and can do it.


Social Media and Seo should now come hand in hand, we create a Social Media campaign for fast efective visibility while working on your SEO in the back ground gettig you high ranking.

Search Find: Social Media and SEO Company.

If you would like us to do all of this for you, thats fine.


Total Digital Media Management.


We have a unique Social Media Management and SEO package that has been developed over 8 years for businesses looking for online brand awareness and high ranking on search.


We set up and manage a whole host of Social Media platforms like Facebook, twitter, linked-in with over 50 to choice from, we then manage them for you. we will create blogs,posts,tweets,stumbles,tumbles,flicks, pins,grams,presses and much more to engage on your behalf.


Then an SEO campaign is started in the background. and worked on over a 12 months campaign (no contract)


We also set up a social media listening post to monitor trends relating to your products or services giving you the advantage over the competition.



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