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What We Will Do


In short, we create and manage your digital media presence while working on Seo for your website in the back ground.

(If you haven't got a website, we will build you one in with the price!)

Its an all in one approach.

So we look at your market, find and set up social media platforms with the your branding to suit.

Then we look at your website, optimise it for search and engagement.


We go to work on content to blog which then gets broken down to push out every day to the chosen platforms.

We set up a listening post to engage on your behalf.

You have 50 media platforms to choose from starting with the usual Facebook twitter ect (not always the right choose for a business) but we look at the best options.

In the background we run an Seo campaign to help with ranking in search.

If you visit our website

You will find testimonials and some of our clients that we are working with, some you may know as you are not to far away.

We also cross engage with our existing clients creating an instant reach of thousands.


The cost is £250 one off payment to set it all up then £195 pm with no contract.

It takes a week to set up through which we pester you for info,  then we contact you once a month for news or any relevant details.


Trade 4 Trade

Digital 4 Trade was created by Trade 4 trade to help SME's get Visibility.

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We will do it 4 you!

Let us take care of your digital

media finding you visibility.

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