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By Anthony Johnson, Jun 22 2015 06:34PM

What We do and why everyone wants in!

Over the years we have been leading the way in SEO and other digital media processes whilst developing a system to help small businesses as a secondary project.

It started in 2008 with a system we created, which was an affordable way for businesses to get high rankings by working together on content sharing, networking and link swapping and loads more.

It was received very well and went toe to toe with the leading search directory for a while (it was actually much better and cheaper)

But unfortunately this system relied on the members being proactive and helping each other to help themselves.


I was approached by an organisation who was interested in the system for their members.

I worked closely with them and many businesses to discover just what businesses need, how much time they could commit, and developed a new strategy.

So after two years of study the main factor we decided was the issue was


When this information clicked with a real big light bulb moment!

Why don't we re-develop the system and add a package where we combine our Seo and Social media skills with this system and do all the work needed on our clients behalf!

Obvious or Genius, you decide! lol

What We Do........

Im not going to sell that to you now, im just going to tell you what we do and how you can do it yourself.

So, In my opinion after lessons learned over the past 12 years, you need a four pronged approach, Start with optimising your website, make sure it has the right message to convert into sales, in the past, techniques to get high rankings failed to do this and had a negative effect on visitors, creating a false economy, being number 1 on the search but with not conversions or sales.

Set up a social media campaign, following your brands guidelines (if you don't have any BRAND GUIDE LINES create some) using call to action banners and buttons.

Target local first, don't sell at them, engage with them, join local groups and networks. Social Media is the buzz word at the moment but dont rush in, Twitter and Facebook are the most popular but not always the most effective. Have a look at Linked in , this is a business "Facebook" and can be very good for B2B sales.

Look outside the box, If your retailing you can use Pinterest or Instagram to promote images of products. there are social media platforms out there that are industry pacific, have a look for these also.

You need to get creative! Write about your product or services, the more the merrier, content is king.

Make it interesting and informative, and on put it on your website! this content is the starting point for your SEO campaign.

By this point you should have a few connections locally from your social media campaign, get them to promote your content in return, you do the same. This is Search engine optimisation and this will create links to your website which is still a very big factor in ranking on Google.

Internet marketing is were people who think they know my businesses and have no clue look at me funny!

This is often miss represented as SEO, Internet marketing is Visual online marketing, let me give you an example, Group-On, they use Internet Marketing, you will probably have been on a weekend break with Group-On but you will not find them at the top of Google, or even in the top 10 for the term Weekend Break. the promotion of banner ads, emails, apps are key to and are the finishing touch to a good campaign.

My latest catch phrase has been

DIGITAL media courses cost £1400 plus

if You can learn a new trade in a day, this is for you!

Or if you are a realist and JUST don't have time?

Let our qualified professionals do for only £150 per month!

Ok I may have slipped a sales pitch in there after all!


There is no secret formula, short cuts or good quality offshore cheaper options!

Just as in your business and what you do, its Just good old fashioned hard work.

Anthony Johnson

By Anthony Johnson, Apr 27 2015 08:34AM

Facebook wants notifications to become much more than a perfunctory list of recent behavior, events and invitations.

Mashable has learned the social network is quietly testing and rolling out a robust new notifications tab that pulls content from across the entire site and serves it up in one central place. Facebook, which confirmed the development to Mashable, plans to introduce the new tab to mobile users across the U.S. first, then worldwide, although it has yet to pin down exact timing.

"We are testing an updated Notifications tab that adds additional, relevant content about everything that might be helpful to know on a particular day," a Facebook spokesperson said.

Inside the new Notifications tab, users can still check out which friends engaged with their posts and who's having a birthday.

The new Notifications tab will feature eight sections by default:


Life Events — a list of events from your friends that were published today, happened today or happened recently.

Events — shows events you’ve joined

Nearby Places — shows three nearby places to eat at. Interestingly enough, Nearby Places is time-sensitive and will recommend different venues based on time of day, like a breakfast spot in the morning. It will only show up if the user has Location Services turned on.

Trending Topics — a list of three topics from the existing Trending Topics area adjacent to your News Feed.

News Shared Locally — a crop of publicly-shared news that's popular (read: viral) in your city.

Today in the Past — displays several posts and photos from some time ago based on whether you liked or commented on them and how popular they were with friends.

Nearby Friends — shows friends who are well, nearby, but only if the user has opted in to the existing feature on mobile.

Users are currently able to personalize Notifications to show less or more of these sections, although it's unclear whether this ability to customize will remain once Notifications rolls out worldwide.

Clicking on "See more..." does just what you would expect: It expands to display several more relevant items, including local news stories in News Shared Locally, for example, or more posts you engaged with a while ago.

This latest rollout is the most ambitious Notifications update for mobile yet. Previously, Notifications was helpful with a more limited scope, alerting your when friends liked or commented on one of your posts, when friends had a birthday, or when someone accepted your friend request. It also showed event invitations and engagement around those events from people who RSVPed "yes."

Facebook has tinkered with time-hopping features in the past, but Today in the Past takes a broader approach, including content that your friends posted which you engaged with.

But the new, improved Notifications tab will prove more useful for the average Facebook user, who already spends 21 minutes a day on the social network, thanks to the integration of more location-based features.

The News Shared Locally feature is a first for Facebook. Although the social network has long been a distribution platform for news (largely via News Feed), this is the first time it has heavily factored in location alongside popularity to increase relevancy for users.

And while Facebook has experimented with time-hopping features for years — most recently with the personal history feature On This Day — Today in the Past takes a broader approach. It's not just resurfacing content you posted say, four years ago, it's actually resurfacing friends' posts, too. So, it might serve up a status update from your best friend, who watched a football game four years ago today because you commented or liked it and because it was a popular post overall.

By Anthony Johnson, Mar 17 2015 12:28PM

Social Media

Now we have all heard about the importance of using social media to grow your business right?.

We now know that it can help you find new clients and business while engaging with existing customers. But actually doing the marketing on sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Linked In is a different story.

Wouldn't it be good to have a pocket guide to navigating the huge world (Universe even) of social media?

Well, our help is at hand, while monitoring our listening posts which are scattered around the Inter Web we have listened to your pain!

Follow these Do's and Don't tips to maximize your time and get the most out of your social media efforts.


Maximize your profiles:

I cant emphasize enough just how important your profile and branding is, they explain what product and service you provide. Fill them to 100%, Include a link to your website, call to action so people can easily get in touch.


Make sure your posts are interesting for your audience, offer advice, respond to questions and comments as soon as possible, and keep your messages consistent with your brand's identity.


Sign up to everything:

Don't waste time signing up to every social network if you're not going to have time to update each one regularly. Think about what's important and what will work for your business.

Spam your network:

Social media should be used to inform and show your expertise, not just to hard sell. Don't overwhelm your feeds with too much information though; carefully consider the content you're sharing.

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By Anthony Johnson, Feb 25 2015 04:26PM

So, here I am back at the Trade 4 Trade headquarters one year on to see how this very unique and what I would call bold, Start-up has progressed since my first visit.

It seems to have changed an awful lot in 12 months, the response of growing memberships and growing team members is theirs a distinct buzz about the place.

So has Trade 4 Trade stuck to the business plan?.

Speaking to Helen, she informs me that “The original is still going strong, even better in fact as the project is now free to join!

What we quickly noticed though, was the amount of businesses that were already established and needed more than what Trade 4 Trade was offering.

So we got a panel of businesses together from the local Chamber of Commerce and came up with a plan to deliver a project that would help SME’s also.”

Trade 4 Trade have now lunched their second phase project Digital 4 Trade which is for SME’s and the next step for businesses to get maximum visibility for little cost.

I asked the question you all really want to know!

“what do you get for your money?”

On delivering this question I’m informed that they will create, control and manage your Digital Media leaving you to do what you do best. Another bold statement from this up and coming business, so I though I would find the founder and creator of these bold statements to find out more.

Speaking to MD Anthony Johnson about the project, he said “I have been working on ways to help businesses on low budgets for many years, working with local Chambers of Commerce and networking groups like BNI, we have learned an awful lot about business visibility requirements and have now put them all into a package to help them grow.”This very unique and forward thinking company is ticking all the right boxes for someone like me who advices business, then on

Reading the brochure, which states

Why not join our fast growing award nominated Total Digital 4 Trade Media Management client base. Created by Trade 4 Trade for businesses in the UK.

We will design and build up to 15 different media’s across many different platforms.

For example:

linked In,Facebook,Twitter, then for a small monthly fee we will Tweet 4u, Facebook 4u,Google plus 4u, Press 4u, Tumble and Stumble 4u, we can even poke 4u! Or use good old fashioned blogging 4u.

It will give me no option but to promote Digital for Trade and suggest to my own client base this is the way forward for promoting your business online.

This is very unique and all UK based delivering a massive plus for UK businesses who wish to have more brand awareness and online presence. One of the most impressive aspects of this is how all the members unite and help promote each others services, creating a huge buzz across many social and business platforms.

When stacking up the numbers, Digital for Trade and its members have over 250,000 people in their network to reach-out too amassing over 10 million views!

If you would like to find out more

Give Digital 4 Trade a call or join there Facebook or Linked In group.

Prices start from £150 per month so its less than half the price of its nearest competitor who do not even have the range of service on the lowest package.

Call 0800 772 3457


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Business Adviser.

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