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Digital 4 Trade revisited

By Anthony Johnson, Feb 25 2015 04:26PM

So, here I am back at the Trade 4 Trade headquarters one year on to see how this very unique and what I would call bold, Start-up has progressed since my first visit.

It seems to have changed an awful lot in 12 months, the response of growing memberships and growing team members is theirs a distinct buzz about the place.

So has Trade 4 Trade stuck to the business plan?.

Speaking to Helen, she informs me that “The original is still going strong, even better in fact as the project is now free to join!

What we quickly noticed though, was the amount of businesses that were already established and needed more than what Trade 4 Trade was offering.

So we got a panel of businesses together from the local Chamber of Commerce and came up with a plan to deliver a project that would help SME’s also.”

Trade 4 Trade have now lunched their second phase project Digital 4 Trade which is for SME’s and the next step for businesses to get maximum visibility for little cost.

I asked the question you all really want to know!

“what do you get for your money?”

On delivering this question I’m informed that they will create, control and manage your Digital Media leaving you to do what you do best. Another bold statement from this up and coming business, so I though I would find the founder and creator of these bold statements to find out more.

Speaking to MD Anthony Johnson about the project, he said “I have been working on ways to help businesses on low budgets for many years, working with local Chambers of Commerce and networking groups like BNI, we have learned an awful lot about business visibility requirements and have now put them all into a package to help them grow.”This very unique and forward thinking company is ticking all the right boxes for someone like me who advices business, then on

Reading the brochure, which states

Why not join our fast growing award nominated Total Digital 4 Trade Media Management client base. Created by Trade 4 Trade for businesses in the UK.

We will design and build up to 15 different media’s across many different platforms.

For example:

linked In,Facebook,Twitter, then for a small monthly fee we will Tweet 4u, Facebook 4u,Google plus 4u, Press 4u, Tumble and Stumble 4u, we can even poke 4u! Or use good old fashioned blogging 4u.

It will give me no option but to promote Digital for Trade and suggest to my own client base this is the way forward for promoting your business online.

This is very unique and all UK based delivering a massive plus for UK businesses who wish to have more brand awareness and online presence. One of the most impressive aspects of this is how all the members unite and help promote each others services, creating a huge buzz across many social and business platforms.

When stacking up the numbers, Digital for Trade and its members have over 250,000 people in their network to reach-out too amassing over 10 million views!

If you would like to find out more

Give Digital 4 Trade a call or join there Facebook or Linked In group.

Prices start from £150 per month so its less than half the price of its nearest competitor who do not even have the range of service on the lowest package.

Call 0800 772 3457


Visit the Website

By Adam Saunders

Business Adviser.

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