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A Guide to Mobile Marketing

By Anthony Johnson, Aug 3 2015 09:26AM

Mobile phones are still the new gaget on the block when it comes to your marketing mix, but based on consumer reaction and adoption, it’s a digital marketing sensation.

From its inception, using the introduction of the iPhone in 2007 as the starting point for the mobile revolution, it has been unstoppable.

From smartphones to tablets, people have an almost insatiable capacity to adopt mobile technology into their lives and welcome mobile marketing. Just think about how quickly mobile technology has progressed over time. Remember your first cell phone?

It doesn’t seem like that long ago that you were playing snake and sending rudimentary text messages to friends! Now you can play 3d games and interact with friend you have never met through Social Media.

In just a short amount of time, mobile has evolved to be a central mode of communication for consumers. Being tied to a mobile device is now the norm and not the exception. The standard mobile phone’s capabilities have expanded to replace almost every other peripheral device — from maps, to calendars, to desktop computers. Mobile continues to grow, now including Internet of Things devices that help consumers monitor and streamline aspects of their lives from fitness, to smart cars, to appliances.

But how can marketers effectively engage on mobile devices?

Because mobile devices are very personal — 44% of mobile phone owners sleep with their phones next to their bed so they don’t miss a message, call, or update — marketers need to be thoughtful about how they deliver marketing messages now as the readerships are 10 fold and the type of reader 100 fold.

Consumers and potecial clients are looking for communication that is more personalised these days, and marketers must deliver this message right or risk being seen as an interruption and deleted.

Essentially, successful mobile marketing is about trust and relating to ones needs.

But to build that sort of bond, marketers must look at the bigger picture and even past mobile devices by creating a long-term, personal conversation with their audiance across many different platforms.

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